A Timely Win for District Heights Woman

Wins $50,000 Playing Money Multiplier Scratch-off

October 4th was just like any other day for Jayne Moreland of District Heights. Until, that is, she decided to clean out her car. To her surprise she found a handful of old scratch-offs that she’d played weeks earlier and set aside assuming they were not winners. She decided to double-check them and was shocked to see that one, Money Multiplier, was in fact a winner – a $50,000 winner.

“Is this real?” she asked the Lottery officials who welcomed her at Lottery Headquarters. Ms. Moreland said, with tears in her eyes, that recent medical problems had forced her to give up her job as a nurse’s aide. “I prayed for a miracle just the other day. This truly is unbelievable.”

After checking her Money Multiplier at a nearby Lottery retailer – just to be sure, Jayne shared her good news with her daughter. She even sent a picture of her winning ticket to prove that it wasn’t a joke. “I knew she wouldn’t believe me,” she explained. The mother-of-two and grandmother-of-nine plans to share her winnings with her family, pay medical bills and to aid her search for a new job. Ms. Moreland’s Lottery luck found her at the Wegmans supermarket at 9001 McHugh Drive in Lanham.