“Caton$ville Couple” Scores $100,000 Scratch-off Win


Claim top prize on 50X the Cash

This happy scratch-off team won $100,000 playing the 50x the Cash game.


A husband-and-wife scratch-off team recently multiplied their Maryland Lottery prize into a $100,000 top-prize win on the 50x the Cash game.

The duo, who dubbed themselves “Caton$ville Couple” for their Lottery win, initially bought two 50x the Cash instant tickets at Rt. 40 BP in Catonsville. The $10 game is a member of the Lottery’s Multiplier Family of Games, which comes with a Multiplier Madness second-chance contest.

Because they were in a hurry that day, the pair decided to only scratch off the Prize Check code on each instant ticket and use a ticket checker to see if they won. They did – twice! The first instant ticket revealed a $50 prize. A scan of the second scratch-off resulted in a ticket checker message directing them to see Lottery officials to claim the prize!

Curious about what the message meant, the wife began scratching off the entire surface of the instant ticket to look for the prize. Her husband decided it was their lucky day and he set off to buy more scratch-offs.

“As I saw the amount of $100,000 appear, I could not believe my eyes,” said the happy woman. She whispered to her husband that they’d won $100,000 but he really didn’t believe her. As the Baltimore duo walked back to their car, the 53-year-old husband examined the ticket closely. He told Lottery officials that he remembers saying, “We really did win, we won!”

The excited pair plans to pay off loans on their cars and some bills with the winnings.

Their lucky retailer earns a big bonus from the Lottery, too. Rt. 40 BP located at 5612 Baltimore National Pike in Catonsville earns a $1,000 bonus for selling a $100,000 winning scratch-off.

The 50x the Cash scratch-off still has five $100,000 top prizes remaining, seven more $50,000 prizes and thousands of other prizes ranging from $10 to $10,000! Other members of the Multiplier Family of Games are the 5x the Cash game, 10x the Cash and 20x the Cash games.