Crossword Scratch-off Enthusiast Keeps Cool after Red-Hot Win

Claims $100,000 prize on Crossword Deluxe game

261-Crossword-Deluxe-ITVMA 54-year-old Baltimore woman says she’ll never forget the date of April 20, because that’s the day she hit big with the Maryland Lottery. The traffic enforcement officer scratched her way to a $100,000 prize playing the Crossword Deluxe game and stayed so calm her co-workers never knew they were with a big Lottery winner.

The lucky player bought the winning ticket, as well as a few others, on her way to work. She stopped at Erdman Gas and Convenience in Baltimore to pick up her favorite games, especially some extended-play scratch-offs.

“I really enjoy those because it gives me time to scratch the ticket and I like that,” she said. And, that’s just what she did later that morning. The winner took her time scratching the games while on a break. The scratch-off fan knew she had a winning Crossword Deluxe instant ticket as soon as she revealed seven words. When she went over the $10 game a second time, she realized there were even more words revealed and discovered she’d won the game’s top prize.

“I tried to keep my cool because I was still at work, but inside I was so excited and shaking,” said the winner. She shared the news with her daughter and then called her good friend to meet her on her lunch break at Lexington Market. “I couldn’t tell him over the phone, so I just told him to order me a sub sandwich and to meet me there,” she said, laughing at the memory.

Once at Lexington Market, she showed him the ticket and they confirmed the win at a Lottery retailer. The winner, trying to keep her composure, then returned to work. “I was a nervous wreck,” she said. “I kept calling my friend so he could help me calm down.”

She waited several weeks to claim her prize because she had to get a copy of her Social Security card. Once she received the card, she made her way to Lottery Headquarters to finally bring her prize home.

The mother of one said the timing of this win is perfect because her car is on its last leg. So, her immediate plan for her winnings involves purchasing a new car. After that, she plans to pay some bills and save the rest.