Dream Leads Novice Lottery Player to Scratch-off Win

Montgomery County woman wins $1 million on Get Rich scratch-off

Get RichA Montgomery County woman whose struggling family needed some good fortune dreamed one night of her beloved late grandmother. The dream was comforting, because her grandmother told the woman she would be fine and not to worry.

The woman, who has played Powerball twice before with no luck, remembered the dream and followed her intuition one day when she needed to break a large-dollar bill to buy chicken for her sons at a local fast-food restaurant. Her two sons were hungry and she was in a hurry, so she made a quick stop to break the bill at a Maryland Lottery retailer. Checking out the many different scratch-off tickets, she selected the $20 Get Rich ticket, made her purchase and hurried off to buy the chicken.

When she got home, the mother fed her sons and scratched off the ticket. “I still cannot believe it,” she said. “I had to read the small print at the bottom of the ticket to know how to play. I wasn’t sure what the symbol on the card meant.”

She got very excited about her win but has told no one, not even her husband. The part-time worker plans to let him know about the win at his upcoming birthday.

Her good fortune came from the Maryland Farms Super Liquors at 11450 Cherry Hill Road in Beltsville.