Fort Washington Father Wins $50,000 With Black Jack Scratch-off

Black JackA Fort Washington man arrived at Lottery Headquarters this afternoon with a ticket that he hoped was a $50,000 winner.  He had looked at it, his wife had looked at it and one of his children had looked at it: they all agreed that it looked like he’d won big.  But the man, who is admittedly very conservative, wanted to have it confirmed at the Lottery before he believed it.

The husband and father-of-three, who works in the medical field, stopped to get gas yesterday morning and decided to use the $10 in cash in his pocket to buy a few scratch-off tickets.  After winning a small amount of money on the first tickets he bought, he purchased two more Black Jack $5 scratch-offs.  Seeing he won something on the second ticket, he expected it to be a nominal amount and handed it to the cashier.  “The scanner said ‘see Lottery’ and the cashier handed it back to me,” the winner said.  “The cashier told me that it was too big a prize to cash at the store.”  The man hurriedly scratched the rest of the ticket, saw that he had won $50,000, called his wife of 24 years and rushed home.

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Although his wife was unable to accompany him to Lottery Headquarters for the winning confirmation, the man e-mailed her a picture of him holding the oversized check with a huge grin on his face.  “Ok, now she’ll believe it,” he said.

The man, who was tremendously thankful for his win, plans to invest some of the money and use the rest for his kids’ education.  “Two kids in college isn’t cheap,” he said, “and this is going to provide a lot of relief.”

The winning ticket was purchased at the S. Potomac Shell station at 9100 Livingston Road in Fort Washington.