The Price Was Right for Cecil County Man

Raymond Brome - The Price Is Right

Rising Sun resident Raymond Brome is excited to use some of his
$50,000 The Price is Right scratch-off prize to buy a new car!

Bad week ends with a $50,000 The Price is Right scratch-off win

Raymond Brome had a rather bleak start to his week after his car required some costly repairs. To pay for the repairs, the Rising Sun resident had to use the money he and his fiancée had been saving for a down payment on a house. Despite the repairs, his car still had problems on the road and eventually broke down. Just when Raymond thought his luck had completely run out, the 29-year-old quickly turned things around when he purchased a $5 The Price is Right scratch-off worth $50,000.

Raymond’s luck came when he checked his last ticket and saw the top prize staring back at him. “I must have squealed like a little girl,” he said. “When you win an amount like $50,000, you just don’t have words. I was content with winning $500. This money is definitely a godsend.”

The lucky winner, who has been a store clerk for over two years, said that although he has never won anything this big, he did help a customer pick out a winning $10,000 Blackout Bingo ticket where he works a few years ago. “Since then, I always wondered when my time would come. It’s something you just don’t prepare for.”

Brome told Lottery officials that he plans on purchasing a new car in addition to using his winning for a down payment on a home. “I just want something reliable,” he said modestly.

Brome purchased his winning ticket at Cliff’s Liquors on Conowingo Road in Darlington. The Price is Right scratch-off ticket launched earlier this year and has three $50,000 top-prizes remaining. Players can enter their non-winning tickets for an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas where they can play the Las Vegas Game Show Experience for the chance to win up to $1 million. More details can be found at