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Wicomico County Woman “Aces” $50,000 Win

On medical leave from her job making aircraft parts, Jackie Booker of Salisbury has been spending some of her down-time playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs.  Two days ago she bought a few tickets to help pass the time, saving one, Aces High, for the next day – yesterday.  Today, Jackie showed up at Lottery Headquarters with […]


Newburg Man Wins $50,000 Aces High Top Prize

It was a sweltering summer day when a Charles County man found a cool $50,000 prize. The Newburg resident was purchasing some cold drinks for friends when he also decided to buy a $5 Aces High scratch-off ticket. When one of the emblems on the scratch-off ticket matched the ‘winning cards’ on the game, the […]


Baltimore Grandmother Aces Big Win

Wins $50,000 Playing Aces High Scratch-off “I am glad I didn’t pass out,” said Mary Dubose upon learning she won $50,000 playing the Aces High scratch-off. “I do that sometimes when I am really excited.” Instead of passing out, Mary said she began to cry tears of joy. The Baltimore grandmother, who still seemed a […]