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Mechanicsville Couple Claims $775,000 Multi-Match Jackpot

Stunned couple keeps win a secret until family pizza party (Baltimore) – A Mechanicsville retiree picked up something new during a routine shopping trip at McKay’s Food & Drug in Charlotte Hall – a $775,000 jackpot-winning Multi-Match ticket. Days passed before the loyal player realized he’d won big in the Monday, Aug. 22, drawing because he and […]

$100,000 Lottery Win Arrives Just in Time for 50th Wedding Anniversary

Millersville residents take home Jackpot! scratch-off top prize Although gold is traditionally paired with 50th wedding anniversaries, a Millersville woman isn’t complaining that her gift came early in the form of paper. The 73-year-old and her husband will celebrate their anniversary with $100,000 in extra cash in their pockets, thanks to an impulsive Maryland Lottery […]

Silver Spring Man Hits $100,000 Lottery Jackpot

Claims top prize on Jackpot! scratch-off Wearing a big smile but seemingly in a state of disbelief, a loyal Maryland Lottery player who won $100,000 on the Jackpot! scratch-off walked into the Lottery Winner’s Lounge to discover another surprise – a standing ovation by Lottery staff! The Silver Spring resident simply grinned. A man of […]

Roofer Nails $100,000 Lottery Scratch-off Win

Hitting the $100,000 top prize on a Jackpot scratch-off means wedding bells can ring for John Sawyer and Teressa Davies of Lansdowne, who claimed their prize with daughter Paige Sawyer. Lansdowne man claims top prize on Jackpot instant ticket Financial woes facing longtime couple John Sawyer and Teressa Davies of Lansdowne are just a bad […]

Scratch-off Research Leads Woman to $100,000 Lottery Win

Claims top prize on Jackpot instant ticket A former insurance industry employee who relied on statistics and research to help her achieve a big Maryland Lottery scratch-off win simply couldn’t believe she was closing the case on her first major win. The Baltimore woman didn’t trust her own eyes when she saw $100,000 appear, zero […]

Retired Restaurant Owner Adds Winning Scratch-off to his Menu

Rosedale man claims second-tier prize on Jackpot! scratch-off A retired restaurant owner who added the Maryland Lottery’s Jackpot! scratch-off to his menu of favorite games is $10,000 richer, thanks to a winning second-tier ticket. The Rosedale man made the $10 Jackpot! ticket his new entrée of choice after finding it difficult to locate tickets in […]

Student Nurse Charts $10,000 Lottery Jackpot! Win

Pre-Labor Day weekend grocery shopping paid off for Christina Clark of Bel Air, who found a $10,000 winning Jackpot! scratch-off! Woman claims second-tier prize on $10 scratch-off A Bel Air career changer who started a full-time Nursing degree program after Labor Day is still enjoying a whopper of a last-minute back-to-school surprise. She’s a $10,000 […]

Mother Scratches Her Way to $10,000 Maryland Lottery Win

Carroll County woman claims second tier prize on Jackpot! scratch-off Mother knows best, right? A Taneytown resident and her mother are sure to be in agreement with that statement after experiencing a $10,000 Maryland Lottery Jackpot! scratch-off win. The Lottery players met, as usual, at the Weis Market at 630 Baltimore Boulevard in Westminster to […]