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Retiree Reels in Lottery’s Ultimate Cash Bonanza

Claims top prize of $50,000 on scratch-off A Prince George’s County retiree who picked up a part-time job to ease her money worries just reeled in a whopper of a windfall, thanks to the Maryland Lottery. The year 2015 ended with a shower of green for the happy Upper Marlboro resident. The 69-year-old stopped at […]

Bowie Couple’s Love of Big Jackpot Games Rewarded

$1 million Powerball win brings relief Only a few hours after learning that they were Maryland’s newest Powerball millionaires, a husband and wife from Bowie visited Lottery headquarters to tell their story. And, of course, to claim their prize. They are, they told us, fans of Mega Millions and Powerball, Maryland’s two multistate, mega jackpot […]

Two Retailers Sell $1 Million Powerball Tickets

17 states have second-tier winners Congratulations to our new $1 million Powerball winners! The Maryland Lottery is looking for the lucky players who bought winning second-tier tickets worth $1 million each at Garrett County and Prince George’s County retailers for the Wednesday, Feb. 11 drawing. Thirty-four players across the country including Maryland and 16 other […]

School Employee Weeps with Joy Over $50,000 Lottery Win

Bowie woman claims top prize on Hit the Jackpot scratch-off A Maryland public school employee didn’t really believe she’d won $50,000 on a Maryland Lottery scratch-off even after she filled out the claim form at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. But when the Bowie woman sat down in the Winner’s Lounge to tell her story, the […]


Mother-Daughter Pastime Delivers $30K Prize

A 28-year-old federal worker and her mother are still celebrating after winning a $30,000 Tripling Star Crossword scratch-off top prize. Bowie resident Andrea Wilson and her mother are regular scratch-off players. On this particular day, Andrea’s mother purchased a few scratch-offs for each of them. As Andrea scratched her crossword ticket, they counted the words […]